Moto Rocker: One for that Kiddies Who Loves the Two Wheeled Machines

Moto Rocker 5

As a kid, I always wanted to have the original showdown toys that perfectly resemble the original things in the real world, but to be honest, it’s kinda hard to produce that kind of things in an economic way, but  Felix Monza successfully create the Moto Rocker, one of a kind toys.

Moto Rocker 6

The Moto Rocker is for the tyke interested with two-wheeled machines and captivated by the aroma of their dad’s oil implanted carport. The “Moto Rocker” is a downscaled bike for the new age of motor enthused kids.

Moto Rocker 5

This kid imitates his dad and wishes he had an old-school cruiser of his or her own particular to ride and work on. The Little Rocker enables the little riders to go out there to get themselves and their way back home.


The Authentics Downscaled Bike

Moto Rocker 1

All details of an actual motorcycle are designed and applied to the Moto Rocker to mimic the true feeling of riding.

Moto Rocker 2

The early version accompanies a one-chamber 125ccm motor, a headlight, and a tail light while the handmade seat is created with bona fide leather.


Fully Customizable

Moto Rocker 3

Every rider‘s name is placed on the frame bracket with the serial number and version details making it their own. It is a handcrafted piece of art and comes preassembled.

Moto Rocker 4

The torque of the Moto Rocker must be estimated by the width of the little riders grin on their face. The Moto Rocker is suitable for kids 1 to 4 yet can bolster up to 50 kilos.

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