Mini Classic Cooper by IMG.ST: Solid & Great Specced Car

Mini Classic Cooper By Img St 7

The classic is timeless, and that’s perfectly summed up the Mini Classic Cooper remodel by Image Street Classic. The all-time favorite of collectors car is getting dolled up with the sense of modernity which resulted in a racy yet sporty Copper.

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A Mini 1000 was sourced in 2004 so as to make the modifier possess youth pure breed street racer. The original car still has the original plan with a little problem with the machine.


Classic Streer Racing Car

Mini Classic Cooper By Img St 7

The modifier took the green shade as to serve the purpose of imitating the old racing street car in the 70’s, the grill also took drastic modification from the original design.

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Roused by Neville Trickett’s Minisprints the modificator completely rebuild the auto for Minisprint bodywork alterations and had the body resprayed, all around, in a decent BRG.


Exquisite Exhaust System

Mini Classic Cooper By Img St 5

The bulkhead was modified not only to enhance proper breathing of the Weber set-up but also to allow future installation of a Turbo Metro engine if one desires. Proper breathing also requires a sophisticated exhaust system: LCB header and complementary silencer.

Mini Classic Cooper By Img St 1The performance had to match the clean Minisprint tribute looks so a 1380cc engine including roller rockers, 296deg cam, and 45DCOE13 Weber were acquired and installed.



Mini Classic Cooper By Img St 3

A full – dart in – confine was introduced and together with Cobra cans and 4-point bridles the security issues are secured. Guiding segment drop section fitted.

Mini Classic Cooper By Img St 2

The original dashboard is preserved, but the wheel is taking an alteration in smooth yet soft touch to give the primary taste of the classic mini.


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