Panasonic x Studio F. A. Porsche ALPHA: new standards of washing machine with purist design and innovative technical functions

Panasonic X Studio F A Porsche Alpha 4

Washing machines are a product of modern household needs, but nobody will realize that Porsche-class car manufacturers have also made washing machines. This is a luxury design washing machine designed by Porsche. Yes, studio F.A Porsche makes a high-end design for Panasonic products from Japan.

Panasonic X Studio F A Porsche Alpha 5

Porsche is known as a German automotive manufacturer that produces sports cars that are already very well known in the world. But this time Porsche was asked by giant electronics Panasonic to make washing machine products designed specifically for the upper class in China.

Panasonic X Studio F A Porsche Alpha 1

This washing machine is named Alpha and the machine will be marketed in China for the price tag of $ 2,900. In accordance with the price, Alpha will have features that are supported by advanced technology plus a sleek modern design.

For the production of the new ALPHA washing machine series, with its purist design, new materials and technological upgrades, Panasonic completely reorganized its serial production. The washing machine fulfils the high standards of Asian consumers when it comes to premium products – Studio F. A. Porsche

Panasonic X Studio F A Porsche Alpha 2

The digital control display body design is made to look like a car panel instrument, equipped with a Wi-Fi connection that allows users to load detergent from a smartphone and get a message that the washing process is complete.

Panasonic X Studio F A Porsche Alpha 3

The body of the washing machine is made using premium materials, namely stainless steel with the addition of a plastic cover produced by injection molding. Alpha also has minimal buttons, making it easier to use and maintain.

Panasonic X Studio F A Porsche Alpha 4

The display in the form of a TFT screen is used as the main control to control the washing machine. Starting from setting washing orders, to drying clothes. Alpha also has a good air circulation system, so the engine inside is not easily damaged.

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