PowerAccess Deluxe: A New Beastly Multi-Tool from SOG

PowerAccess Deluxe 2

SOG is the popular brand of tools and knives. With the best engineering for the built and precision to you, this company has some great products that you need to have. One of the best knives product from SOG is PowerAccess Deluxe. It is a new beastly multi-tool with the 20 tool strength for you. It has all things that you need in one multi-tool only.


PowerAccess Deluxe 2

PowerAccess Deluxe comes in two models that you can choose, US and Metric. Both of them has a lot of similarities but the difference is only about the product weight. US model has 9.70 oz in weight but the Metric model is about 246.64 g.

The blade steel type is made from stainless steel with the stone wash for the finishing. The total tool count of PowerAccess Deluxe is 21 tools complete with the 12 piece hex bit kit. The complete tool with the compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere.


PowerAccess Deluxe 1

So what kind of tools that you will get from PowerAccess Deluxe? Here they are.

  1. 1/4 inches drive
  2. Awl
  3. Full serrated blade
  4. Straight edge blade
  5. Bottle opener
  6. Can opener
  7. Chisel
  8. 3-sided file
  9. Medium flat screwdriver
  10. Small flat screwdriver
  11. Gripper
  12. 1/4 inches hex bit driver
  13. 12-piece hex bit kit
  14. Jewelry driver
  15. Needle nose pliers
  16. Phillips screwdriver
  17. Protractor
  18. Ruler
  19. Hardwire cutter
  20. Soft wire cutter
  21. Wood saw
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