S-Works Exos: Lightness is more than just lightweight

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Having a hobby of cycling makes you healthy and happy. By exercising regularly, the body is getting healthier and fit. But the perks don’t stop there as you will also get new friends who also share the same hobby.

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On the other hand, to support your cycling activities, choosing comfortable shoes is a must. Without having the best possible gear, you will most probably not enjoy the time. Thus, S-Works Exos is one of the lightest cycling shoes products ever made in the world and with all the features it got, this is one of the best options out there.

These shoes weigh around 150 grams for the size 42. As the observations go on, there are not many shoes in the industry that do have the same lightweight as S-Works Exos. The material used in these shoes is coming from Dyneema ™.

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The engineers with the task of designing these shoes have been researching for 4 years with lots of unusual designs and material. They redesigned the heel, removed the toe box, developed a carbon outsole through ply-by-ply analysis. This process takes a long time to develop.

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These shoes are widely used by World Tour athletes whose designs lock the feet with the IP-1 Boa® dial button with the lightest weight. This section serves to reduce minimal power loss. The use of the Dyneema material serves to stretch the upper part to support your heel.

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In addition, the Dyneema material also functions to transfer extraordinary power. The outer soles weigh around 66 grams and the stiffness is the same as the other models. The comfort offered by these shoes, the standard used has exceeded the body geometry and has been tested ergonomically.

And its comfort exceeds all the features offered by Body Geometry. These shoes have an adaptive exoskeleton that makes your feet comfortable. The carbon plates are multi-directional so that the material and pattern of the rope plus every detail are carefully considered.

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The company behind S-Works Exos claims that their shoes are the lightest shoes in the world. Because of the lightness of these shoes, these shoes can make the wearer move more agile and stronger.

Not only that, but these shoes are also evidence of the peak performance of shoes and technology. The price tag of $500 is a decent one considering all the features it embedded in.



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