SEGA Genesis Mini: The Iconic Console Returns in a Slick and Miniaturized Form

Sega Genesis Mini 1

In the past few years, the level of consumer interest in retro-themed hardware provided by Nintendo, Sony, and Sega is getting its peak. The re-release of NES and SNES Classic Edition was welcomed with great enthusiasm, as well as PlayStation Mini.

Sega Genesis Mini 2

Sega had also announced their intention to revive their classic 16-bit gaming hardware as the 30th anniversary of Genesis. After teasing for around a year after their announcement, the Japanese company had finally revealed the console through the stage of the Sega Fest 2019.

Sega Genesis Mini 5

Taking on a similar approach with its predecessor, Sega provides two versions: Genesis Mini which is intended for the global market and Mini Mega Drive for the domestic market. There is no information yet on whether these two editions will carry a distinctive appearance, but it is reported that there is indeed a slight difference in the aspect of control input.

The Mini Mega Drive is equipped with a six-button controller, while Genesis Mini comes with a three-button gamepad. Apart from shrinking body volume, Sega did not change the design of the controller unit. Its form really is resembling the classic version.

Sega Genesis Mini 6

Especially for the Mega Drive Mini, consumers can choose bundles with one or two controllers – additions can be purchased separately. Please note that peripherals are connected to Mega Drive / Genesis via USB connectors and they do not support the old gamepad.

Sega Genesis Mini 1

As for for the collection of the games, Genesis Mini is a lot superior to the NES / SNES Classic Edition or even PlayStation Mini. While its competitors offer around 20 games, the modern retro console from Sega will have 40 games but until now, SEGA has just announced 10 titles.

Sega Genesis Mini 11

Sega Genesis / Mini Mega Drive is scheduled to be released on September 19, 2019. Genesis Mini is priced at $ 80, while the Mini Mega Drive is set at $ 60 and $ 80 with two controllers. Pre-orders can be made through Sega official website.

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