Sennheiser IE 900: Perfection and Attention to Detail

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Sennheiser’s expertise in formulating audiophile-class in-ear headphones was again proven by the announcement of the IE 900. The direct successor to the IE 800 was assembled with the best design and audio technology from Sennheiser.

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Design and Features

Sennheiser IE 900 comes with a body design that is directly formed from a block of aluminum. The design carries a very unique three-chamber sound-absorbing feature. The sound-absorbing system is useful for removing the masking effect.

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This effect is an acoustic phenomenon in which the listener will not be able to hear high-frequency sounds at a lower volume if low-frequency sounds are played at a higher volume at the same time. The innovative design is then combined with the X3R transducer which is an enhanced version of the 7mm Extra Wide Tire transducer.

As a result, the IE 900 managed to break the standard of any audiophile class In-ear headphones. These in-ear headphones will be able to pamper the ears of audiophiles with their ability to produce very clear and detailed sound at all frequencies and volumes.

The company claims that Sennheiser IE 900 can produce sound in a frequency response of 5 Hz to 48,000 Hz. The level of distortion is also claimed to be minimum.

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These headphones have been designed to last and perform flawlessly for many years. And not only because Sennheiser IE 900 are made of an aluminum alloy, but because during their manufacture the components are examined in detail with precision cameras and, in particular, the already completed transducers are tested before and after their pairing.

Furthermore, for optimal performance, the assembled left and right earphones are manually paired for perfect synchronization.


Price and Availability

The audiophile class in-ear headphones will be available on the global market in June 2021. On the price, Sennheiser IE 900 is expected to be priced at $ 1299.95.

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As a complement to the set, there are three cable size options, 2.5mm, 4.4mm, and 3.5mm. The three cables have also been reinforced with para-aramid material which is tougher and more resistant to bending.

The purchase package also includes ear hooks, silicone rubber ear tips, and memory foam.

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