Sennheiser New MOMENTUM Wireless: Never Lose Your Rhythm Again

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Music is an inseparable part of some people in their life. For those of you who claim to be an audiophile, the name Sennheiser must be familiar to your ears. Well, the new Momentum Wireless is a product of the German company and according to Gizmodo, it is still the king of the headphones.

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As the name suggests, Wireless Momentum is actually a headphone that can be paired with a mobile device via a wireless connection, namely Bluetooth and NFC. These headphones can be connected to mobile devices, whether using the Android or iOS operating systems.


In terms of design, the Wireless Momentum has an elegant appearance that has become their trademark. No wonder, considering that it was pegged at a price that is quite premium € 399. Besides looking luxurious, these headphones are also comfortable to wear.

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The earcup on these headphones feels soft and can cover the whole ear. The steel arms and durable covers help add to the aesthetic shape which slightly changed from the previous version of the Momentum Wireless.


Comfort is the key to designing the headphones because Sennheiser did claim that long-term use will not make the ear hurt or the head depressed. Sennheiser also designed these headphones so that they could be easily folded.

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Sennheiser has also embedded the Smart Pause feature that works perfectly to replace the power button. When users unfold Momentum Wireless, the product will immediately turn on. Once the user takes it off, the headphones will immediately pause.


As for the connectivity, Sennheiser complements the Momentum Wireless with Bluetooth and NFC connections. By utilizing NFC technology, you can simply touch these headphones with a smartphone to connect the two. If your smartphone is not equipped with NFC, you can use the Bluetooth connection.

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Momentum Wireless has noise-cancellation and Transparent Hearing features. The former feature has three levels and will differ depending on the environment. The mic on these headphones can also capture your voice clearly. The Transparent Hearing feature helps users not to miss their surroundings while wearing these headphones.

On the right earcup, you will find buttons that adjust the volume and the noise-canceling level. All buttons can be found easily using touch. So, while wearing it, you will not be too confused to find the existence of the button. The earcup section can also help users to make calls and activate voice assistants.

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It’s Sennheiser and you cant put on a slight doubt the quality of the sound produced by Momentum Wireless. These headphones produce superior sound. Not only that, but Sennheiser also offers balanced bass and treble performance that seems to have set a new standard for premium headphones.

The spark doesn’t stop there as Sennheiser pays more attention to the companion app called The Sennheiser Smart Control app. With the help of TILE smart technology, the application can help users to find their headphones and adjust the equalizer according to their personal taste.


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