SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro: Always on the lookout

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DIY home security system provider SimpliSafe announced the launch of SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro. This newest product can function as a stand-alone device or integrated into other camera devices and the home security system which was released by the same company last year.

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SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is a doorbell device equipped with a camera. This device is useful to be placed next to the door. If there are guests or people who want to visit, the homeowner can see through the camera and be monitored directly through a smartphone that is already connected. Guests can also tell us by pressing the button under the camera.

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The technology brought by SimpliSafe to its new doorbell is not much different from Halo Nest and Amazon’s Doorbell Pro Ring Video which is equipped with a 1080p camera with 162 ° field of view to broaden the view of the homeowner.

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SimpliSafe also embedded an infrared for night vision and HDR images that make the camera adjustable recording in bright conditions such as exposure to direct sunlight. There is also 2-lane audio, so we can communicate with guests via mobile.

“Anyone can set up Video Doorbell Pro in under thirty minutes. No know-how needed. All it takes is a Phillips head screwdriver. We’ll walk you through the rest.” – SimpliSafe

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Well, what distinguishes this product from its competitors is the presence of dual-sensor motion triggers. Where each sensor has a different task, namely the passive infrared sensor (PIR) to detect the temperature of the human body and the image classification sensor to detect the touch of the human body.

Both of tech then collaborate in parallel so that they can accurately distinguish visitors or intruders such as pet animals or passing bikers. It’s also designed to work with doorbells on almost any type of home.

Simplisafe Video Doorbell Pro 2

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is now available for$ 169 and offers compatibility with August Smart Lock, and supports Alexa voice commands or Google Assistant. At the beginning of 2019 SimpliSafe also planned to redesign its home security system.

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