Stumpjumper: The Most Versatile and Ultimate Trail Bike Ever

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Stumpjumper is a new trail bike from SPECIALIZED. This ultimate bike is the most trail bike they have ever made in the industry. The design of Stumpjumper focuses on your need, not the proprietary. It becomes a new benchmark in trail bikes with its best technology. So, if you need the most versatile bike for your awesome riding journey, Stumpjumper is the right answer.



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Stumpjumper is available in three different versions, they are Stumpjumper ST, Stumpjumper, and Stumpjumper EVO which is coming soon. If you need a snappy and nimble bike, Stumpjumper ST is the answer. The Stumpjumper will give you planted and fast rides. The EVO version will be perfect for you who sleeps and eats gravity.



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The real-world testing is done by developing SPECIALIZED’s mountain-specific stiffness test. The test is about examining the connection between rider’s feet and hand. When every rider has different results, it becomes more intensive to do more tests.

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SPECIALIZED also has an extensive field-testing to fine-tune the stiffness. The team works with the frame design with the carbon plies. They also test it in the lab to get the stiffness value. The process is done over and over again until they can get a perfect balance of the handling and the stiffness. Stumpjumper finally becomes Rider-First Engineered™ for your mountain journey.



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The frame structure on Stumpjumper is more efficient with the new sidearm design. This kind of design can connect the three mounting points of rear-end and also the shock on the frame. It also creates a good increase in the performance and the stiffness. The frames become the lightest frame ever on a bike.

SPECIALIZED has two decades experiences with FSR. That’s why they develop a proven design to get a perfect result for the ride quality. Today, Stumpjumper is very supple, even on small bumps. It is also a reason why this bike becomes the best ultimate trail bike for you.


Women’s Rx Tune

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The Suspension Team of SPECIALIZED also adjusts every test that they have, especially to get specific kinematics of a bike. The result makes them come with a new trail bike called Rx Tune and this bike is also available for women. This bike is designed with the best adjustment on the compression, the volume, and also the rebound for female riders.


Flip Chip

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The Flip Chip on Stumpjumper offers an easy change on the frame geometry. It will support your riding activity to get a better performance, especially when you have a journey in a mountain. The setting is available in two types, Low and High.



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The ultimate adjustable makes Stumpjumper becomes the best mountain bike. You can customize this bike freely based on you want. The standard configuration is very easy, so you will not find any difficulties when you customize it.



Stumpjumper 1

Stumpjumper is designed with the SWAT™ Down Tube Storage. It can take all things that you love from the last generation. It also makes the bike lighter and sleeker. You can add more than 20% of volume to this awesome bike.

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