Surveillance Cameras Myths Explained

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It can be a daunting task to choose the best security systems for your home.  It makes it even harder when you have to select the perfect camera.  There are so many options available in the market, each with unique features.

The article below will focus on surveillance cameras and the common misconceptions about them.  This information will give you a clearer understanding of home security systems and impact on home value appreciation and depreciation rates. 

●        Myth Number One:  Security Cameras Are All The Same

Technically, the only similarity all security cameras have is the fact that we use them to collect footage from the surveillance.  However, the different camera brands in the market work differently.

For instance, some have standard definition sensors, while others have megapixel image sensors. There are those that record in black and white. Get a camera that suits your needs anytime you are purchasing one. Of course, the different aspects may have an impact on the price.

●        Myth Number Two:  All Modern Cameras Are High Definition

Unfortunately, not all modern cameras are high definition.  You will find many standard definition cameras in the market.  They are popular because they are not as expensive as the high definition ones.

Make sure you understand what your surveillance system requires, because some may not be able to handle HD cameras.

●        Myth Number 3:  You Can Clean Up Blurry Images

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It is a standard rule that when you’re looking for a security camera, get a high-resolution camera. You will not be able to clean up blurry or grainy images. In fact, the more you try to enhance it, the mall distorted it will become.

You need to invest in a camera that gives you 1080p resolution. It will cost you more, but it will provide you with better usage.

●        Myth Number 4:  Security Cameras Will Allow You to View Everything

You can cover quite a lot of ground with a video camera depending on where you place it.  If you put it in an area with obstruction, you will not get any usable footage.   Clear anything that may obstruct the view of the camera.  If you have a tree whose branches are in the way, trim them.

The lenses will also determine what kind of footage you get.  The camera should swivel from side to side so that it covers a broader area.

Some cameras will give you 360 degree and 720-degree coverage.  The latter allows for up and down, side to side movement.

Also note that if you zoom into one particular area, you will lock yourself into getting footage from that one place.  With some cameras, you get a video management system that allows your camera to ‘tour.’

●        Myth Number 5: Wireless Cameras Are Wireless

Even if you buy a wireless camera, you should get one that gives you an alternative power source. Running your camera solely on battery power can be difficult because they tend to drain very quickly.  Using electrical power will serve you better.

Sometimes there is a lot of interference with Wi-Fi.  You will, therefore, be better off using it plugged into the internet source.

●        Myth Number 5: Security Cameras Are Only Good For Protection

Some people are not sure whether a security camera will prevent or at least lead to a reduction in crime rates.  What we know for sure is that they have become an important security feature. While protection is the primary function, security cameras nowadays have so many other uses.

Companies use them for workplace safety and quality control. If you have a smart home, your security camera becomes an integral part of the home automation.   It can detect fluctuations in temperature,   gas leaks, and water leaks, among others.  You can also send voice commands using Siri, Google assistant, or Alexa.

●        Myth Number 6:  The Experts Know Best

While the experts may know the technical aspects more than you, you are the only one who knows what you require. If you go in without knowing what you want,  you will buy whatever they show you.   Do your research well, understand your needs, then go shopping.

Final Thoughts

Video surveillance is essential to your home security system.  It is crucial that when you are purchasing one, you do not go into the process with any misconceptions.  We have shared some of the more common ones above.

Write down everything you need in your preferred surveillance system before you go shopping.  To get the best, you have to sift through the marketing jargon.  Finally, make your price comparisons while taking into account your requirements.

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