Tips to Maintain Bike in Good Condition

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Every bike owner seems to care too much for their bike when it’s new. However, as time passes by, the tendency to care for the bike decreases for numerous reasons. When your bike’s health and condition are well-maintained, it lasts longer, performs well, and offers better mileage. Whether you own 150cc 4 stroke engine bike or even higher, specific tips are applicable for all bikes when it comes to bike maintenance. In this article, we will brief several tips on how to maintain your bike and keep its health and condition as good as new for a long time.

Check Tires

Check the air pressure of the bike’s tires at regular intervals. You are required to maintain it at the level recommended by the bike manufacturer. Higher or reduced air pressure would negatively impact the bike’s performance and also its fuel efficiency. Check the tires regularly for any wear and tear signs like scrapes, cuts, and blisters that might be on the verge of giving out. Checking these signs at the right time can save you from unwanted accidents or a tire blowout in the middle of nowhere.

Check Engine Oil

There should be a certain level of engine oil present in your bike at all times for smooth functioning. Check the level of engine oil in your motorcycle or if any leakages might need your immediate attention. With time, the engine oil gets contaminated by carbon dust particles. It can impact fuel efficiency and the bike’s performance negatively. Prevent the engine oil from getting dirty by replacing it or diluting it. If it seems like something beyond your expertise, visiting the local garage and asking a professional mechanic to take care of it is a good idea as well.

Air Filter

The air filter in your bike needs to be checked regularly to ensure it is not clogged. Due to the rise in pollution, the air filters get dirty and clogged much earlier than it did before. Change the air filters every few months to keep your bike’s health in good condition.


The clutch is amongst the most used parts of your bike and needs to be regularly adjusted. During clutch adjustment, make sure that it is neither too tight nor loose. It has to be optimally adjusted to ensure that it doesn’t increase fuel consumption or slip without being noticed.


The engine is the heart of your bike, and you should get it professionally checked every 1000-1500 kilometers depending upon the manufacturer’s recommendation and the bike you own. If the engine of your bike is not well-maintained or tuned regularly for better performance, it would not only increase fuel consumption but shorten the bike’s lifespan as well. The carburetor float chamber should be cleaned, and the spark plugs need to be adjusted or replaced every few months.


The brakes of your bike should be checked for any issues. The brakes should feel just right and neither too loose or tight. If needed, get the brake pads replaced and oil the breakage system to ensure there is no screeching sound and brakes and functioning correctly.

These are the few essential tips to keep in mind to ensure your bike remains in good condition for many years to come. It is your prized possession, and maintaining it well would not only positively influence its performance but increase its lifespan as well.

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