Zagato Raptor Concept: The Avant-Garde Lamborghini That Never Really Took Off

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Companies with high stature such as Lamborghini were not born for the business of making concept cars. They produce supercars that you can buy. Some of them like Sesto Elemento and Aventador J are very rare than others, but sooner or later the Lamborghini concept car is introduced, eventually, they will enter the production line.

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But there is one car known as the Zagato Raptor Concept which in its history used the Lamborghini emblem but ultimately failed to enter the production line. The car was full of innovation and born a lil bit too early.

It takes a lot to make Lamborghini look more avant-garde, but leave it to the people at Zagato to do it. Zagato created carbon fiber bodywork on the Diablo all-wheel-drive chassis that was modified to be made by the Raptor.

Zagato Raptor Concept 1

This concept was basically not designed by Lamborghini but was created by Zagato, an independent design studio. Zagato Raptor still enjoys some support from the factory, with input from Swiss sled racer Alain Wicki.

The Raptor design incorporated elements from Lamborghini and Zagato, including a double-bubble roof. Powered by a 5.7 liter 492 Hp V12 engine from Diablo, Zagato Raptor made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1996 and was sold to a private collector at the same place 4 years later.

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Since it never went into production and just one was ever constructed, the limited-edition tag is a must slapped properties on this car. It is currently being sold at sell-off by RM Sotheby’s in Abu Dhabi on November 30, 2019.

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The Zagato Raptor was one of the principal vehicles to be styled utilizing PC supported structure hardware, which means the whole vehicle just took four months to finish under the heading of the main architect, Nori Harada.

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It utilizes a Lamborghini drivetrain yet the suspension is a bespoke rounded space-outline enveloped by a carbon-fiber body. The body pivots in reverse to uncover the V12 motor yet exceptionally pivots advance too to permit access into the modern lodge.

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Inside, the Raptor looks more cutting edge than most ’90s supercars and is done essentially in softened leather material. The opening rooftop board includes Zagato’s main structure and can even be taken off to make a roadster.

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The Diablo was the ancestor to the cutting edge Aventador and the later VT rendition creating 485 HP with a six-speed manual transmission. Since the Raptor was lighter than the latest car, 0-60 mph took under four seconds and the top speed was reputed to be more than 200 mph.

The Zagato Raptor Concept is the truly exclusive property and in all honesty, the bidding process for enormous cash will certainly happening when it crosses the auction stage.


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