The New Mercedes-Benz G-Class: An Icon Reinvents Itself

The New Mercedes Benz G Class 7

The new Mercedes-Benz G-Class presents itself in the top frame. Regardless of whether on or off the street and whatever the working conditions, the rough terrain vehicle awes with its execution, cutting-edge assistance systems, exceptional handling, and safety.

The New Mercedes Benz G Class 8

The G-Class, the extravagance rough terrain vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, has for quite some time been viewed as an iconic symbol. Its outside appearance has not changed altogether since 1979. Notorious components keep on serving particular purposes, now as at that point, and to give the G-Class its remarkable appearance.


Legendary Design

The New Mercedes Benz G Class 7

Made to vanquish challenges on six mainlands, the 38-year development of the G-Class continues hoisting the zenith of refinement. From its propelled lighting to its great upright shape, its intentional tastefulness is both unmistakable and obvious. Each surface of the G-Class mirrors its ability on any surface of the earth.

The New Mercedes Benz G Class 6

Its sturdy ladder frame and galvanized steel body are hand-welded. The frame is flowed with hot wax to resist corrosion. Even its wiring harnesses are hand-loomed. It takes more than 40 hours to craft each G-Class virtually entirely by hand. Beyond strength, more than quality, how a G-Class comes to life bestows it with unwavering character.


V8 Power

The New Mercedes Benz G Class 5

A progressed V8 biturbo motor produces 416 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque from a conservative 4.0 liters of displacement. Ready to push the G550 from 0 to 60 mph in only 5.8 seconds, it includes a “hot inside V” turbo format, licensed low-grating NANOSLIDE® barrel dividers, and an ECO Start/Stop framework.


Comprehensive Interior Design

The New Mercedes Benz G Class 4

Advanced entertainment, route and correspondence frameworks work no sweat in the G-Class. Bluetooth® gives you a chance to make calls without hands and play music link free. The exquisite focal controller and shading shows put a universe of highlights inside simple reach. Accessible Rear Seat Entertainment conveys top-notch video to the second column.

The New Mercedes Benz G Class 3

Dazzlingly handmade interior arrangements offer a relatively boundless palette of personalization: Literally many Nappa leather, in an assortment of styles, hues, and sewing subtle elements. Six hand-completed lodge trims in rich wood or carbon fiber. Also, a rich range of paintwork, from great solids to current matte completions.

The New Mercedes Benz G Class 2

As you make your way off-road, three sequentially lockable differentials offer increasingly masterful capability. Each differential can be locked in sequence (center, rear, then front) via a set of buttons on the dash, to help maintain the ideal balance of torque and traction for the situation.

The New Mercedes Benz G Class 1

Since it was first presented in 1979, the Mercedes G-Wagen has gotten more than what’s coming to its updates. However, notwithstanding being out and about for almost 40 years, it’s not even once gotten an entire update, until now and it’s astonishing.

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