Tilbo Storage Unit: Contemporary Storage Unit for Dynamic Look in Your Home

Tilbo Storage Unit 5

Tilbo Storage Unit is designed with contemporary shape and colors by MOAK Studio. This awesome storage unit stands out for you to be your newest storage unit from traditional and conventional rectangular furniture. Tilbo Storage Unit will give you a dynamic look from its sloped surface and external diagonal lines. You can keep your books and other things well with this storage unit.


Tilbo Storage Unit 1

Tilbo Storage Unit is made of ash wood. As you know, ash wood is kind of the best wood for any furniture design. That’s why the final result of this storage unit comes with an awesome design. Ashwood also has the best durability to give you a long-lasting furniture.



Tilbo Storage Unit 2

You don’t need to worry about the dimensions when you have a tiny or small home. Tilbo Storage Unit comes with a simple design and shape. It has 60 cm in length, 40 cm in width, and also 150 cm in height. You can put it awesomely at the corner of your homeroom.



Tilbo Storage Unit 3

As you can see, Tilbo Storage Unit offers a little bit different of furniture design. It looks like an arrow with some storages inside it. Tilbo Storage Unit has one large door, one small door, and two additional storages for you. It makes this storage unit looks so stylish.



Tilbo Storage Unit 4

Tilbo Storage Unit is a perfect storage unit for you who need a simple storage for some of your books. You can put your books in it and take some of them out easily. Besides the book, you can also use it as your own personal storage unit to keep your own stuff.



Tilbo Storage Unit 5

MOAK Studios offers Tilbo Storage Unit in some colorful designs. So if you don’t want to have a plain storage unit in your home, you can choose one of colorful design to be matched with your home interior design and style.

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