Urbalive Indoor Planter: An Excellent Tool for Your Interiors and Roofed Terraces

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If you want to expand your home garden into your home interior, then you should have Urbalive Indoor Planter. It is an excellent tool not only for your interiors but also roofed terraces. A Czech designer, Jiří Pelcl, is the man behind Urbalive Indoor Planter modern look. This look is designed with a combination of wood and plastics.


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Urbalive Indoor Planter is made from wood and plastics. The wood is used for its legs and the plastics are the material for its container. The know-how and long-term experience from Plastia also contribute to the production of this self-watering planters and containers.



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This modern planter can be used both in your home interior or exterior. It is also perfect to be planters for roofed terraces. You can use it for less demanding vegetables, herbs, flowers, and houseplants. Help you to get natural ingredients in cooking.



Urbalive Indoor Planter 5

Urbalive Indoor Planter has a tall design with wooden legs. This kind of planter design will provide you an easy access to the plants and also place them at a good viewing height. You can put it next to your sofa or at the corner of your room.



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The self-watering system is sophisticated. It creates a simple care for your everyday use. With the worm tea and vermicompost can help to make optimal conditions for your plants to grow healthy. You will get a lot of benefits from your healthy plants.

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