V-Moda BassFit Wireless: Heart Pumping Bass Meets Unparalleled Clarity

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V-MODA is not the name that first appeared in the minds of most consumers while choosing wireless earphones to accompany their hobby. But V-MODA is ready to change this assumption through its newest product called the BassFit Wireless.

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Compared to Forza Metallo Wireless which was released last year, it seems clear that BassFit Wireless is more optimized to be a companion to intensive physical activity. In addition to a kind of small fin above the eartip, there is also an ear hook to make sure the earphones will not be loose as the user moves about.

Interestingly, BassFit Wireless does not force this combination of fins and ear hooks to be used simultaneously. Users are free to choose to install the fins or the ear hook at one time, or both at the same time for maximum stability.

V Moda Bassfit Wireless 5

BassFit Wireless also doesn’t adopt a neckband style like Forza Metallo, so it should be more comfortable to use. This decision has also an impact on the overall weight of the device at 17 grams.

Nevertheless, V-MODA claims BassFit can operate up to 11 hours nonstop in one single charge. Fast charging also becomes a superior feature; 15 minutes of charging is enough to use for around 2.5 hours.

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Regarding the sound quality, the company is focusing on low frequencies or bass sound which is definitely the main feature for BassFit Wireless, with a 10 mm driver and a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz.

All the headphones created by V-MODA has also well-known for the character of the sound that is so steady the bass boom.

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Physically, BassFit Wireless also maintains the tradition of V-MODA which is known for its hardiness. Nano coating technology is believed to be able to increase its resistance to sweat, and when it is not in use, the two ear tips can magnetically be affixed.

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With the absolute codex through Qualcomm aptX, the wireless sound quality is absolutely coming from the absolute top. V-MODA BassFit is currently marketed for $ 130. You will get two options of colors: a combination of black-orange and white-gray.

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