Villa Neo by Querkopf Architekten: Urban Flair in the Midst of Nature

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 5

The German studio Querkopf Architekten blur the limits of this villa they called Villa Neo by blending the interior and exterior to enjoy the lush forest that surrounds the 3000 m² forest property.

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 7

Conceived as “a sculpture sculpted in stone”, the project intends that the purity and forcefulness of its volumes dialogue with an idyllic setting.

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 8

The approach then adopted in a living material such as concrete, textured with wooden slats, creates a certain connection that time will make it more remarkable.

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 9

The plan of this house is divided between its three heights: the basement, embedded in the ground, is only shown in the access to the parking lot.

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 10

The basement of a much more open and light ground floor will be plotted to the area where social life takes place. It covered by a robust volume that preserves the privacy of the most private uses, only piercing the views.

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 5

The entrance is shown in turn massive and forceful, where 3 concrete volumes generate an abstract dialogue intermingling with each other, where the perforation that marks the entrance to the house emerges.

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 6

The design generates perforations in the encounters of the concrete masses, while large inclined V-shaped pillars provide the necessary lightness to the sculptural composition.

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 3

The purity of the volumes is further enhanced when the concrete penetrates the interiors of the house, whose interiors are only delimited by the large windows.

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 2

Even more, evident in the large spaces that house the living room and dining room, with a spectacular double-height chaired by a flown staircase.

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 1

However, when the spaces have a less overwhelming scale, the connection with the outside allows the most everyday uses to continue enjoying a space without limits.

Villa Neo By Querkopf Architekten 4

It is in this everyday life where different materials are discovered, details that give greater depth to such a spectacular design, but do not take the center stage of a very powerful idea that permeates every corner of Villa Neo.


Gallery of Villa Neo


Photography: Querkopf Architekten

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