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Following One by Wacom certification, Wacom announces that its Bluetooth-free Wacom Intuos S joins the Chrome OS compatible range of devices by receiving the Works with Chromebook seal.

And, with the purchase of Wacom Intuos, users get a software package that includes a three-month subscription to the drawing application for comics. Other programs included are Collaboard, Limnu, Explain Everything, and Kami.

Wacom Intuos Small without Bluetooth connects to any Chromebook with USB-A input and the latest version of Chrome OS, without the need for a driver.

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Compact in size, Wacom’s graphics tablet is simple but made of durable materials. The brand, in fact, is a guarantee within the market as it is positioned as one of the best. The overall size of the activity area is 152 x 95 millimeters or approximately 7 inches.

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For this reason, this product is suitable for both drawing and digital painting and retouching activities. It does not have a cable, which means it works wirelessly by being able to connect to the main device via Bluetooth. However, it can also be connected via USB to devices, such as an Android smartphone.

Comes with a pen, Wacom Intuos S is noteworthy as it features an ergonomic structure. Among other features, it features 4K pressure and supports a 7mm reading distance.

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The presence of two keys facilitates the customization of the instrument, which can also be modified by means of the three accessory tips.

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Price and Availability

Finally, included with the purchase, there is the possibility to choose software dedicated to design. In order to obtain it, it will be necessary to register the product on the manufacturer’s website. The Wacom Intuos S graphics tablet is available on its official website starting from $79.95.

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