10 Best Security Gadgets for Your Vehicle

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Most of us are engine junkies more than adventure. Adventure without a gear seems unfair and couldn’t agree more. So, give your car a new makeover with some exciting accessories, rather safe ones, which are fun and also adds on to you or your vehicle’s safety. The latest gadgets in your beloved car, can you ask for more?

Here are the 10 best gadgets we have put up together for you, which are the newest edition to the world of technology.

  1. Anker quick USB car charger

Quick Usb Car Charger

Being an offering from one reputed brand, you will no longer need to worry if you lose track of your phone’s charge. People have been spending some insane amount of money at times of need, especially if the phone ran out of charge, and it was so very much required. This Anker charger spares you from future risks as you can seamlessly charge your phone in your car, being on your way to work.


  1. Automatic pro real time car tracker

Pro Real Time Car Tracker

Car owners have been literally dreaming of such a gadget. It comes handy in a lot of time, including theft.

This device, along with Amazon echo lets you monitor and control the engine and also track your car in case of a theft. Some other exciting features of this device is a 5 year subscription to high 3g services, crash alert to keep you and your car safe.


  1. iOttie easy one-touch dashboard phone mount

One Touch Dash Phone Mount 

Using a phone while driving is never safe and so is it even illegal to hold your phone while driving. It doesn’t matter if the call was urgent or you were trying to catch up with something really important at the time, you will be held guilty and accountable. This mount surpasses every cheap mode out there which is not capable of holding a lot of models.


  1. Bactrack professional breathalyzer


No matter how many plans you make to escape drink and drive, you end up doing the same. you need a fair warning for times when you are drunk, but who stays in their senses being drunk. It doesn’t matter if you or your friend is in question, carry this professional breathalyzer, which is your warning system to stop you from drunk driving. Carry it as well, to keep yourself under control as it shows professional police styled records.


  1. YI mirror dash cam

Yi Mirror Dash Cam

Be it adventure or safety while on the road, this dash cash is actually of use. Being a travel junkie, you can record videos from this dash cam and upload it or safeguard it as memories or even keep up with the happening from around your car. The dashcam in question has 2 cameras, one facing the front end and the other to the back end. Also, if you find any mishappenings, you may as well notice it in the cam, like the license plate and then search for the Vehicle history (plate search) to track the owner and inform the concerned individual.


  1. ZEEPIN solar power tire pressure monitoring system


Keep your car with you along with the diagnostics inside it. Doesn’t it sound intriguing, this is exactly what this device is for, as the sensors which are to be attached to the tire, beep in case of any issue. It ensures your vehicle is performing good, irrespective of climatic conditions. Being solar powered you need not worry if the device running out of energy.


  1. Cooluli mini fridge electric cooler


Carrying food has never been easy and with this cooler, which also works as an over, you can keep your food hot or cold, as per the ingredients requirement. This cooler also has AC/DC adapter so you can put it over the counter for a moment, and carry it with you the next. All you need to do which carrying it is, plug it into the USB port.


  1. Roav viva Alexa enabled car charger


You do not need to echo with you to carry Alexa, as this car charger will do the job for you. Seek for Alexa’s help while in the car as well, as the charger has a microphone that lets you converse and seek her help. If a phone is connected to the charger port, you may as well make Alexa answer your phone call.


  1. Escort iX long range radar laser detector


Though you need to install this hardware into your car and is a bit tricky, it keeps you safe from being in trouble. This hardware actually detects bogeys for up to ¾ miles and this way you will know the limit in which you need to drive sparing yourself from the speeding ticket, especially in new places.

  1.  Mpow Bluetooth receiver


The maker of the best headphones presents Bluetooth which has the ability to make your phone hands free. You can just control all the features like music, calls etc with just a touch over a button. using and syncing it is absolutely seamless.


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