When everything around has collapsed, and the pistons are silent, a V8 will be somewhere to remind us of the old days. And if everything on land is plagued by the bullying and slavery of the battery, there will be the sea as the last refuge for the petrol-blooded people of this planet. For Strand Craft, however, these stickers were probably not on their mind when they decided to make one of the craziest jet-skis out there. The company calls it the V8 Daytona GT, and the goal was to catch the public eye.

The mini-cart, derived from the Mini, produced in the 1960s by the British Motor Corporation, then in Australia, Portugal, and France, is now manufactured in an electric version, the NoSmoke, by Noun 'Electric, in Cerizay.

This extremely extraordinary Aston Martin V8 Cygnet is an auspicious indication of what a notable car was, conveying extravagance to the city auto section. Also, the commercial center demonstrates that costs of Cygnets are ascending as it looks to set up the future pattern of an ultimate city car.

In Oscar India arrangement, the free-breathing V8 created 390 strength, up from the standard yield of 375 bhp.

Laptops have evolved into one of the most significant tools for increasing productivity. However, with so many new laptops being released each month, it is tough to pick the suitable one for your necessities. But don't worry: our roundup includes 12 laptops with a wide range of capabilities.

Ahead of the setting of generation, Lexus introduced the latest LX model which adopted the same base and features identical to the Toyota Land Cruiser.

In addition to the Surface Duo 2, Microsoft also announced the refreshment on its 2-in-1 laptop with Surface Pro 8. The device will undoubtedly replace the Surface Pro 7, which was launched in 2019.

Japanese luxury car manufacturer, Lexus recently launched the 2022 GX 460 which will be the first lineup to get the Black Line Edition variant.

Chevrolet has just introduced the new 2022 Silverado, with several significant improvements, with more options and more technology. The carmaker also took the time to introduce the new Silverado ZR2 trim level, an off-roader that will be Chevrolet's flagship truck in this segment.

Toyota Australia has launched a special edition Land Cruiser 70th Anniversary Edition to celebrate its seven-decade presence.

The current generation of the Range Rover Sport is nearing the end of its commercial life. Range Rover wants to close with a flourish with a special edition intended exclusively for the US market and based on the top-of-the-range SVR version. With the name of Range Rover Sport SVR Carbon Edition, it is one of the most exciting innovations that was presented during Monterey Car Week.

In case you want the stylish appearance of an electric bicycle checks out the new e-bike from SUPER73, with the design of a moped from the 1970s. The new model, the ZX, breathes the 70s on all sides. The e-bike is only slightly more advanced than the polluting 2-stroke mopeds from that time.