Acura has recently launched a special limited edition supercar Acura NSX Type S at Monterey Car Week. The launch of the Acura NSX Type S is also the final edition to end the second generation of the NSX, which will stop its production in 2022.

The Acura PMX Edition is expected to be priced at $ 61,750 and will be limited to 330 units. The target market for the limited edition car is the United States and Canada.

The standard and technology version of the Acura RDX is starting at $37,600 and $40,800 and primarily consist of the core features. While the technology packages centered on intelligent and connectivity.

The new RDX rides on another case with 2.6 inches more length between the wheels, which implies the old grievances of scanty back seat extra space to move around have washed away. RDXs with 16-way sports seats are snuggle beasts that you will love.