The main means of transportation for humans today are cars and motorbikes. However, VanMoof is planning to alter the statement in the near future with the release of VanMoof V. The company dubbed the newly presented product the first hyperbike with a speed of 50 km per hour.

The VanMoof Electrified X3 is also equipped with integrated GPS features that will be very useful for tracking the location of the bike. On the case that the bike is stolen, the user only needs to open the companion application on the smartphone to see its location which will be updated using GPS.

Practical considerations and being able to bulldoze congestion quickly, a go green lifestyle, energy saving, affordable, as well as health factors that underlie cycling activities, are attractive alternatives for urban communities. Bikemakers then convert this particular interest by inventing various commuter bikes that are available in numerous price ranges. The features of some of these commuter e-bikes are also very different from one another.

Electrically assisted bicycles have a bright future ahead. The success is undeniable and public aid for equipment at low cost is indeed attractive. Manufacturers are therefore jostling at the gate with their offers, like Veloretti, a Dutch manufacturer whose first range called Electric Ace has the particularity of supporting Apple's Locate network.

The top speed of Electrified is about 32 km per hours in 60 to 150 km of distance. The motor power is 250 - 500 W with 4 power levels. This bike also has a wireless technology with the encrypted Bluetooth and GSM connectivity. You can also adjust your ride preferences with the mobile app.