A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Window Treatments

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You may be surprised to hear this, but the condition of your windows speaks volumes about your homes, whether from inside or outside. Just picture a house with dirty, shabby windows. None of us want to end up with a house like the Adam’s Family.

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Windows help to form a communicating ladder between your home and the outer world. As for the inside, your windows can say a lot about your taste to your guests. As such, you want to make sure your windows look presentable and inviting. On the flip side, having ugly windows could help keep people away if you aren’t a people person, but for the sake of this article, let’s just assume you are a people person.

Where there are windows, comes the need for buying window treatments. Here, we will touch on how you can get on with your window treatment to ensure your windows remain intact for longer.

Different Types of Window Blinds

If you go out for window shopping, literally, or take a stroll on the home depot window aisle, you will see that there are a wide variety of window blind selections. The material used to make window blinds is wide-ranging.

There are metal, fabric, wooden, plantation shutters, panel blinds, roman shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, mini or micro blinds, etc. Depending on what look you are aiming for, the type of blinds you need to purchase will vary. Some blinds help protect against the sun, some help a room look brighter or darker, some keep the look bland while others bring more life into the look. It’s always a good idea to read up on the type of blind prior to purchase so you have a better idea on what you’re getting your hands on. Online websites such as Pinterest offer great ideas on different types of blinds and the looks associated with each.

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Cleaning the Blinds

Another thing to keep in mind with window treatment is how frequently you are willing to clean your blinds and exactly how the blinds need to be cleaned based on the material from which they are made. Fabric blinds will need a wash more frequently compared to metal or wooden blinds. Metal blinds can do with simple wiping, with or without liquid the help of cleaners.

Wooden blinds, on the other hand, can get damaged through too much exposure to water. Roman shades come with brushes to help you with the dusting. Generally speaking, metal blinds are easier to wipe simply using water along with a few drops of liquid or detergent cleaners. Plantation shutters can be cleaned using vinegar and cloth. Vertical blinds require an up and down motion of cleaning whereas horizontal blinds require a left and right motion. Even though this may sound very basic, sometimes it may be difficult for people to manage.

You want to be aware of these points so that you don’t end up buying something you are unable to maintain. Look at window blinds as an investment for your home, one that provides you with benefit from the onset of purchase.

Price Varies

The price of the blinds will vary not only based on the material it is made from but also depending on where you buy them from, like with everything else really.

If you frequent Walmart, you can get vinyl cordless blinds anywhere from $15-$30, faux wood blinds from $24-$30, vertical blinds for $30-$40 or bamboo roll-up blinds for around $50. The rates are cheaper and the variety isn’t all that bad either.

At Lowes, the price starts at around $50 and can go up to $750 a window, depending on what you are looking for. Home Depot prices are similar to Lowes.

These costs are per window and will add up depending on the number of windows in your house. You can always opt to mix and match different types of blinds. You don’t necessarily need to stick to one type of blind for all the rooms. You can even opt to get custom blinds based on your budget and the image you have in mind for each room. Of course many windows look best with curtains so you can always mix and match between curtains and blinds to keep the look modern and flexible at the same time. Get your creative side on and see where your imagination leads you.

The difference in price can appear to be a bit steep. If you are on a budget, it does make sense to purchase budget friendly blinds as mentioned above. However, if budget isn’t a concern but you are still unsure about buying high-end blinds, think about how long you intend to live in your house. If it is short term, it makes sense to buy the cheaper ones. However, if you intend to live in your home long term, it’s probably a better idea to buy the high-end ones, especially if you own the house. This is because you’ll end up saving on energy costs all year round and they also help increase the value of your home when you want to resell. This is a huge expense that a lot of homeowners don’t want to invest in so if you already have it done, it may open up the doors to reselling at good market rates.

Smart Blinds

The great thing about technology these days is that we have access to motor blinds that can be operated using remote controls. Your phone can do the controlling if set up properly with smart blinds. You can opt to go old school or explore the new innovative possibilities. Your options are pretty endless when it comes to how you can personalize your home settings.

Blinds Represent You

At the end of the day, your home window blinds are all about you and what pleases you, not about those outside, not even about those visiting. Once you have purchased blinds, you aren’t stuck with them for life. You can always change around the blinds over the years as different life events take place, as people move in or out or simply based on your mood and preferences.

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