Futurelight Camper Concept: future of protection from the elements with a new fabric innovation

Futurelight Camper Concept 4

The Designworks Division of the BMW Group cooperates with famous camping gear manufacturers to bring fresh and unique breakthroughs at CES 2019 in the form of a camper concept called Futurelight. The specialty lies in the material that becomes the outer skin, namely the fabric of the experimental results from the camping gear manufacturer’s research, The North Face.

Futurelight Camper Concept 4

Futurelight is basically a waterproof cloth, but specifically, it is also breathable. This achievement was made possible thanks to the Nanospinning technology applied by The North Face, where the process succeeded in creating a fabric with nano-sized holes; can be passed through the air, but is too small to be penetrated by water.

Futurelight Camper Concept 3

Futurelight is clearly ideal for clothing, but The North Face has chosen BMW Designworks as its partner to show its potential beyond the realm of fashion. BMW themselves is quite common to join their power in designing a concept car wrapped in cloth. In fact, this concept was inspired by the BMW GINA Light Visionary Model revealed in 2008.

Futurelight Camper Concept 2

This shell is mounted on a mobile platform, which acts as a trailer, while the interior is designed to allow as sleeping space for two, and shelving to allow for life on the road.

“We combined both physical and digital worlds to showcase this material, ensuring the holistic vision of the brand was clearly communicated, while giving people a real ‘hands-on’ experience,” – Designworks studio director, Laura Robin.

Futurelight Camper Concept 1

Unfortunately, BMW has no plans to continue this unique camper concept into the production line so that their consumers can buy it. On the contrary, The North Face will use the breakthrough Futurelight fabric on a series of new products which will be launched in the spring.

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