Archimede 1950-2: An homage to the design of the Fifties

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There aren’t many contemporary dress watches on the affordable end of the spectrum that is truly worth purchasing and Archimede as a company is trying their best to disprove this statement by releasing the Archimede 1950-2.

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The company that based in Pforzheim, Germany rightfully crafted the right vintage details, boasting rugged German construction, and most of all, the economical price tag of €680.  And with the heritage of ICKLER manufacturer under their CV, nobody could doubt the originality of the Archimede 1950-2.

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At 39mm with a lug-to-lug of 44mm, it is a superbly measured current dress watch that will take a shot at various wrists. Without a doubt, the Archimede 1950-2 is clearly bigger than watches from that time, yet the tempered haul to-carry goes far in putting forth the defense seem a lil bit smaller.

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As the second batch of the 1950’s line, the general structure stylish of the piece spins around summoning the polish and exemplary nature of 1950s timepieces. It achieves this while additionally being extraordinarily speaking to present day sensibilities.

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Be that as it may, the genuine champion on the Archimede 1950-2 is the front face. Remaining consistent with watches of that period, both the dial and the hands are delicately bent to coordinate the glass. The impact is out and out shocking, particularly when seen at a point.

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The newly created crown with its thin appearance and diminished plan offers a water tightness of 5 atm. The dial comes in two choices: dark with white markers and silver hands, and silver with dark markers and silver hands.

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It’s really a magnificent timepiece for somebody who needs a vintage watch while having the option to confide in new current development. As we mentioned before, Archimede 1950-2’s true attraction comes from its price tag at about $825.

  • 40mm in diameter | 44mm lug to lug | 9.8mm thick
  • The case made by ICKLER in Pforzheim
  • Available with either domed sapphire crystal or domed Plexi crystal
  • Swiss made automatic movement SW 200-1
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