Beast MODE4X4: Versatility and Convenience

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Last year, Storyteller Overland debuted a campervan based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mode 4×4. As the name implies, the motorhome dubbed Beast Mode combines off-road capabilities with supporting features in the cabin plus a lithium-ion battery as an additional energy source.

The Alabama-based company claims that the Sprinter Mode 4×4 is ready to be optimized to explore remote areas and let the owner stay in its cabin comfortably. But now, the Sprinter Mode 4×4 gets more features and a fresher exterior design with its Beast Mode.

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Beast Mode

Starting from the design, the Storyteller Overland divided the new generation into 2 models. The first one is the Beast mode which is designed to be more robust with a series of hardware upgrades to improve off-road capabilities, starting with the Agile Offroad RIP package.

This motorhome is supported by black Rhino rims that make aggressive visualization. There is also a full-size spare tire hanging on the rear door.

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This Beast Mode is also equipped with bumper guards, floodlights on the roof, inflated wheel fenders, hood spoiler, on-board air compressor, new horn, and a special graphics package.

Stealth Mode

Another mode on the new generation of Sprinter 4×4  is called Stealth mode, with a more mysterious body design as the name implies. The body is wrapped in dark gray metal material, 18-inch black rims.

There’s also a footrest at the stern, unique graphics, and a fiercer Overlander badge. For consumers who are not interested in any of the themes, Storyteller Overland also offers a regular mode called Classic Mode.

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Apart from the different exterior themes, all models on the latest lineup have also been upgraded to complete the cabin. The update comes in a more spacious cabin arrangement, the presence of a sink to a better AC supply.

In the cabin, you will also find it easy to move with plugs from USB ports up to 12 volts and 110-volt power outlets. Storyteller Overland also adds other drawers as storage compartments, a larger bedroom for a folding bed, dim LED lights, and much more.

Price and Availability

The top-of-the-line Storyteller Overland adventure van is available to order through the official website and is priced at $ 198,746.

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