EarthRoamer LTi: Integrating the Best Qualities of LTS and HD

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The latest EarthRoamer model exemplifies development, coordinating the best characteristics of LTS and HD while presenting ideas that have never been seen among the lineup of the company. The EarthRoamer LTi distills the information we have picked up from working for more than 250 Expedition Vehicles over a time of 21 years.

These vehicles have gathered a huge number of miles on a portion of the world’s harshest streets and trails, and have burned through a huge number of evenings outdoors in each climate condition possible.

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The all-new EarthRoamer LTi is based on a Ford Super Duty. The outer walls are made entirely of carbon fiber, which is both light and robust. Solar cells on the roof ensure self-sufficiency.


Earthroamer from Colorado USA has been building residential cabins for campers and adventurers for over 20 years. The new LTi is a further development of the LTS pickup cabin. The “i” stands for “innovation”. Inside, it looks like the on-board technology is completely gas-free

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The only energy source is electricity from the lithium-ion battery pack with an impressive 20,000 watt-hours. They are either charged on shore power or via the solar system on the roof. The automatic charging function automatically starts the vehicle engine when the battery threatens to empty.


The water system has also been completely renewed and no longer heats the water from the engine’s waste heat, but completely electrically. 380 liter fresh and 230-liter gray water tanks ensure independence on off-road tours.

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The interior height of the living cabin has increased in all areas compared to the predecessor. There are now 5 centimeters more in the living cabin and even in the shower cabin, it offers headroom of 2.13 meters.

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To put this in the limelight, the Earthroamer LTi has a multicolored indirect lighting system onboard. The basic equipment also includes a GPS tracking system, tire pressure and temperature measurement system and reinforced door locks.

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The pickup cabin adapts to a wide variety of users. Five different layouts are offered by the camping structure. The vehicle has a maximum of six seats and four sleeping spaces in store: The Telluride floor plan has two equally large longitudinal sofas on board, but only a narrow kitchenette.

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The boulder offers plenty of storage space for supplies and a medium-sized kitchen, but only four seats. The Aspen, as noble as it sounds, has the largest galley onboard and a dinette. It is suitable for three people, just like Crestone. This, in turn, has two differently sized longitudinal sofas on board.

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The Ford F-550 has all-wheel drive and a 10-speed automatic transmission. The 6.7-liter diesel engine produces 330 hp. Earthroamer installs a swiveling cabin mounting system. The length of the vehicle is a proud 8.83 meters, it is 3.66 meters high and 2.44 meters wide.

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The base price of the Earthroamer LTi is $ 590,000, and a fully equipped Earthroamer LTi is said to be available from around $ 650,000. So the prospective customer has to be able to invest a little over half a million euros to afford such a vehicle.

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