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Beats is one of the best headset, headphones, earphones, and speaker vendors. In order to maintain its competitive edge, the manufacturer that has been acquired by Apple continues to update the lineup of its products.

One of the series that just got an update is the Beats Solo³ Wireless which is one of their best products, with attractive features.

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In general, the design of the Beats Solo³ Wireless still holds a resemblance to its predecessor. The headphones are still made of plastic and synthetic leather for the ears.

There is a frame that is coated with a glossy or matte paint that you can choose. In addition, there is special material on the mainframe so you will be very comfortable using it when exercising. These headphones are flexible and the frame can be folded so it’s easy to carry anywhere without fear of breaking.

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For those of you who want to be stylish, there is no need to worry, Beats Solo³ Wireless is available in many colors and in their latest update, Beats adds four new color choices namely, Club Yellow, Club White, Club Navy, and Club Red.

From the comfort sector, the Earcup from Beats Solo³ Wireless also features an outer support cushion that functions to filter out noise from the surrounding area. Solo3 Wireless Earcup is famous for its convenience, the earcup is soft and can be adjusted so it is very comfortable for everyday use.

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Beats Solo³ Wireless is supported by 32ohm impedance and 105 dB sensitivity so that the audio output is quite loud but still clear. With fine-tuned technology, this Bluetooth headset can maximize audio clarity with a wider stereo. The award-winning product is also the proves of the best quality of Beats Solo³ Wireless.

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Battery life is one of the main features of this headphone. Beats Solo³ Wireless has up to 40 hours of usage time. With its high speed charging technology, you can simply charge for 5 minutes to play music for 3 hours.

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As for the connections, Beats Solo³ Wireless may be best suited for use with devices from Apple. The best quality sound will be even more optimal when connected to an Apple device.

Thanks to the Chip W1, Beats Solo³ Wireless can be directly connected not only with the iPhone, but also iWatch and other Apple products.

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In addition to the technology directed for convenience, the thing that a headphone must have is the ability of its sound. For those of you who are used to using the Beats will certainly know that the main strength of Beats is strong bass and great sound. You will also experience that when using the Beats Solo³ Wireless.

As for the price, we all know that Apple and Beats products come in premium class and therefore, Beats Solo³ Wireless products are also staying in that category. These headphones are available for $ 199.95 which is quite a bargain for all of its features and prestige.


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