Razer Naga Trinity: Incredibly Deft. Deadly Accurate.

Razer Naga Trinity 2

Razer Naga is a gaming mouse series that is very popular among MMO gamers. Before the launch of this new product, Razer offered two models for the Naga series. There is Naga Epic with 12 macro buttons on the left side, there is also a Naga Hex with 7 buttons.

Not long ago, Razer introduced the Razer Naga Trinity, which is none other than the 9th generation of this series and the combination of the last two product from the series.

Razer Naga Trinity 1

For their latest generation, Razer made a big decision by taking a modular route. Nicknamed the Naga Trinity, it comes with features that none of its predecessors have, which are removable side panels.

Simply to put, Razer Naga Trinity is a gaming mouse with various functions that can be modified as needed. Therefore, this mouse is suitable to support the game of gamers, especially in the online Multiplayer Battle Arena (MOBA) or Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO).

Razer Naga Trinity 2

What makes it interesting, the Razer Naga Trinity has side panels that can be removed and replaced. Razer provides three different types of side panels. One of them has 12 buttons to play games like World of Warcraft. When installing a panel with 12 buttons, the gamers will have a total of up to 19 programmable buttons.

Razer Naga Trinity 3

There are also 7 buttons side panel with circular designs to play games like Diablo III. Finally, the two side buttons are also available that are ideal for a variety of common usage scenarios. Using Naga Trinity is like buying three different gaming mouse.

Razer Naga Trinity 4

As for the performance, Razer Naga Trinity is supported by a 5G optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 16,000 DPI. The overall design is not much different from its predecessor, it still adheres to an ergonomic style designed to fit the users’ hand.

The Razer Naga Trinity is currently being marketed for $$ 99.99 and can be purchased via the official Razer website.

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