17 Beautiful Lamp Designs

You can’t forget about your home lighting too when you want to make it looks beautiful. Today, the lighting is not only the best thing to prevent your home from darkness but also the best thing to decor and design your interior home. If you want to make a beautiful home then you should get a beautiful lamp design too. The meaning of beautiful design can be based on some things, whether from the lamp size, the lamp color, and also the lamp style. Here are 17 beautiful lamp design that you can choose for your home.


1. Beautiful Front Office Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 1

Source: Pinterest

The beautiful lamp at the front of an office will give everyone who comes to the first good impression for the office and the staff.


2. Beautiful Lamp with Gold Horse

Beautiful Lamp Design 2

Source: Pinterest

This beautiful lamp design has a gold accent with unique horse design. It can be your room decoration, especially if you want to make a luxury room style.


3. Beautiful Pinecone Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 3

Source: Pinterest

When winter or fall comes, you may need this pinecone lamp. This beautiful lamp has a cute design and shapes for your home.


4. Beautiful Scandinavian Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 4

Source: Pinterest

The beautiful lamp is not always about pattern and color on it. You can use these kinds of the Scandinavian lamp for your modern home.


5. Beautiful Flower Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 5

Source: Pinterest

It is the best beautiful flower lamp ever that you may see. It has some perfect lights for each part of the flower. It makes it looks real.


6. Modern and Beautiful Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 6

Source: Pinterest

This modern lamp is not only beautiful but also has a value for its design. It looks like a futurist lamp but it can be used for modern home too.


7. Beautiful Victorian Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 7

Source: Pinterest

This Victorian lamp is so gorgeous and beautiful. The design and the pink color will be the best lamp design for your classic room.


8. Beautiful Office Lamp Design

Beautiful Lamp Design 8

Source: Pinterest

If you have a simple home office design, then you can do something to its lighting using a stylish lamp as the focal point of the room interior design.


9. Rustic Lamp Design

Beautiful Lamp Design 9

Source: Pinterest

Every rustic thing will give you a beautiful look, including this beautiful lamp. It can be the most interesting thing in your home, especially for the ceiling.


10. Beautiful Contemporary Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 10

Source: Pinterest

Today, most of cafe and lounge have the best interior design with its lighting. Perhaps you can use one of the lamp ideas for your own home.


11. Japanese Woodwork Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 11

Source: Pinterest

This woodwork lamp is a Japanese lamp design style with its interesting design. The cube with its flower pattern makes it beautiful.


12. Flower Floor Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 12

Source: Pinterest

It is a good idea to design your room interior using a floor lamp. You can choose this flower floor lamp to make your home looks beautiful.


13. Beautiful Side Table Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 13

Source: Pinterest

It will be not complete if you don’t have any lamp on your side table. Besides the accessories, you can put a warm lamp to beautify the table.


14. Wrought Iron Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 14

Source: Pinterest

This beautiful outdoor lamp has a wrought iron design which is artistic and surely beautiful too. You can use it for your patio or garden.


15. Beautiful Moroccan Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 15

Source: Pinterest

Do you need more beautiful lamp design with an awesome style? Just use this Moroccan lamp. It has beautiful mosaic glass design.


16. Beautiful Lampshade Design

Beautiful Lamp Design 16

Source: Pinterest

This lampshade design has beautiful style from its shade pattern and the color. The slim shape is also perfect with beautiful style.


17. Small Mushroom Lamp

Beautiful Lamp Design 17

Source: Pinterest

Even the size is small, this mushroom lamp is not beautiful but also cute for your desk. It can be the night lamp too when you sleep.

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