Blossom: Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 360 Degrees Listening Experience

Blossom 6

With this portable Bluetooth speaker, you can feel the experience of 360 degrees listening. Blossom is a floral-inspired portable Bluetooth speaker that will give you different sensations of sounds in your home. This internal project is a brand from LEXON which is located in France. The most interesting about Blossom is surely its beautiful blossomed flower form.


Blossom 2

Blossom just like its name is designed with the inspiration of blossomed flower. This inspiration is changed and simplified into cool geometric shapes of a cylinder and also a cone. The blossomed flower design is one thing that making it capable to give you 360 degrees listening experience.



Blossom 8

The cone form of Blossom produces the best audio from the bottom to up. The audio is projected in all directions with this form. When you use this Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your favorite music even when you are at an opposite angle from where it places.



Blossom 7

Blossom is the example of a good product that uses its design as a function. It is better than relying on complex technology and engineering in it. The iconic shape of this Bluetooth speaker looks simple but also beautiful for your home interior.



Blossom 1

Blossom is made from finely textured plastics. These plastics are finished in matte which warms to be touched and also lightweight. This Bluetooth speaker is also available in some awesome colors that you can choose.



Blossom 6

The audio-dispersing cone on Blossom can be nested into its main cylinder body to get the best portability. It also serves as a protective shell for the speaker cloth cover on it. The power switch is used as the cone’s movement.

Blossom 3

Blossom has a cone cover which is made from a flexible spandex material with two main geometries. It also gives a surreal illusion on the cone to balance itself at the smallest point. The whole design of Blossom is also very stylish and cool. It can be your home decoration besides a Bluetooth speaker.

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