Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset: An aviation headset that’s just your type

Bose Proflight Aviation Headset 2

Who doesn’t know about Bose? Bose is one of the greatest brands in audio. Even though the audiophiles seem to dislike Bose, this brand actually has a very good reputation among Pilots. You might say its kinda weird market to be good at, but the reliable headset is one of the most important keys in this job.

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Many Pilots have already quite satisfied with the Bose A20 series which has a great quality and one of the best headset in aerospace. After the success of the Bose A20 series, they released a new product, ProFlight Aviation Headset.


Design – It’s Got Everything the Pilot Need!

Bose Proflight Aviation Headset 5

ProFlight Aviation Headset created to continue the success of the previous series. This series has 4,9 oz. Very light and perfect for Pilot. This series much better than any other Sports Headset Series. ProFlight Aviation Headset very light and small.

Bose Proflight Aviation Headset 2

But Bose still gives Noise Cancellation just like the A20 Series. This feature is better than the previous series. It’s very comfortable for Pilots. What is the most important headset? Bose has the answer. Bose gives the headset which has great sound and very easy to control.

Bose Proflight Aviation Headset 1

ProFlight Aviation Headset uses a control terminal that allows the pilot to control a noise cancellation settings. Bose used an electret noise canceling mic. This is very important to cover high levels of background noise that you will experience in the airplane.


Comfort at it Best

Bose Proflight Aviation Headset 4

Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset is not in-ear headphones. ProFlight Aviation headset similar to Sports Headset. This headset doesn’t press too hard to ear canal. So it’s very comfortable to use it. It is more comfortable to use for a long journey.

Bose Proflight Aviation Headset 3

This new series from Bose very light and small. And they have great earbuds.  ProFlight Aviation Headset composed of a soft material. They use a silicone which given smooth texture. This special headset uses a side pad cushion. This feature gives a provide comfort to ear. These cushion helpings stabilize the earbuds and distributing the weight of the headset.

Besides the noise canceling feature, Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset has another great audio equipment such as ANC and Bose Connect. This feature helps Pilot to communicate with Co-Pilot while flying. The special design comes with a special price of $995.95.

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