BOSS Waza-Air: Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System

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Inspiration can sometimes appear in the middle of the night, and for a guitarist, this is often a problem. Plugging an electric guitar into an amplifier at night is not a wise move, especially if it turns out that the surrounding condition is not encouraging.

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The quick and simple solution often comes in the act of connecting headphones to the amplifier, so that the melody that is being played does not disturb the people around. In all honesty, the method is not wrong.


But now there is a more practical way by utilizing a wireless headphone made by electric guitar pedal manufacturers from Japan, BOSS. The product maker did put on a lot of care into resolving one of the most common problems in music.

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The company called the product their create Waza-Air which is not just any wireless headphones. The product packs an integrated guitar amplifier and is the ultimate answer to the problem.


Simply plug the 2.4 GHz transmitter into the guitar, then the sound can be directly heard through headphones, without any strands of cable involved.

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BOSS Waza-Air packs a gyroscope to track the position of the user’s head while realizing spatial (3D) sound effects. Simply put, users can choose three different soundscape modes. One of the modes can even simulate a concert scenario on stage, with the sound from an amplifier heard from the backside.

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Customization is one of the main features of Waza-Air. Through its companion application, users can choose five types of amps that are available, and activate more than 50 sound effects. The combination can also be saved, then activated at any time through the physical buttons on the headphones.

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As headphones, Waza-Air features 50 mm drivers. The battery is estimated can last up to 5 hours of use. It might not be the best headphone, but the features are quite reasonable considering that the product also doubles the role of a guitar amplifier. The charging process takes about 3 hours.

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BOSS Waza-Air is currently marketed for $ 400 that is quite expensive for those who want a proper headphone. But in terms of functionality, BOSS did a very decent job to bridge any inspiration that comes in the middle of the nite.

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