BuzziHat: A Decorative and Unique Hat-Shaped Pendant Light

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You can get rid of the noisy environments in your home with BuzziHat. It is a decorative and unique hat-shaped pendant light by Alain Gilled with the best sound absorption. BuzziHat will not only give you a cool pendant light to decor your home but also an awesome pendant light to make your home feels quiet without any noises that interrupt your rest time.


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BuzziHat is designed in a unique hat-shaped. It is combining a metal shade and an upholstered part to make any room in your home looks interesting. The design makes it perfect to be used for all types of interior design styles.



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BuzziHat 3

The upholstered foam body of BuzziHat comes in some combinations of fabric and palette colors. The ring and metal shade are available in 4 different finishes. You can choose your favorite colors, like gold, beige red, white, and black.



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You can mix the colors that you choose and also match the BuzziHat fabric with your furniture color and design. It is the best thing that you can get from this hat-shaped pendant light, help you to make an awesome and impeccable setting in your home.



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You don’t need to worry about the size. BuzziHat can be used for all kinds of rooms and areas, including restaurant, office, and lobby. The high-quality lighting makes it as the ultimate acoustic lighting too for your home, in your kitchen, your bedroom, and also the dining room.



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BuzziHat is available in four models, S, M, L, and XL. The input voltage of the light is 110 – 240 V with 50/60 Hz for the input frequency. The lumen output id about 2000 and 3000K for the color temperature. BuzziHat has CE certification for its awesome design and technology. The acoustic principle is about absorption with low tones, mid tones, and high tones of acoustic performance.

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