V-WHITE: 360 Automatic Toothbrush and Teeth Whitening with Newest Innovation


V-WHITE is your solution to get clean and white teeth ever. It is 360 automatic toothbrush and whitening teeth with  Cold Light Teeth Whitening Technology. The newest innovation of this product will give you only 10 seconds to clean your teeth. With V-WHITE, you can have the best result of white teeth in one month only.

Cleaning and Whitening


Basically, V-WHITE is designed with two functions for your teeth. The first one is cleaning your teeth then the second function is whitening it. With this awesome product, you can have both clean and white teeth in just 10 seconds.


Simple Use


It is very easy to use V-WHITE in cleaning your teeth. The first step you just have to squeeze your toothpaste on the mouth tray sides. Second, put the mouth try right into your mouth gently. The last, you have to press the button and switch it to the Brushing Mode. Wait for 10 seconds. It is done.


Easy to Clean


Another best thing from V-WHITE is very easy to clean it. After you use it, you need to switch it to the Cleaning Mode. Rinse the mouth tray carefully with water. You can let it dry naturally and make sure you put it in a place which is easy to be seen.


Morning Use


You may need more times to get ready in the morning. V-WHITE comes with an awesome solution to make your morning day feels good. You can brush your teeth with this product in seconds. You can even prepare breakfast, check wheater, and put your make up on while you use it.


Noon Use


V-WHITE is a portable teeth cleaner and whitener. You can bring it to work and use it during your lunch break. It fits perfectly in your pocket and bag. It will not also take your times too much because it can clean your teeth faster than a regular toothbrush.


Before Bed


When night comes, you may feel so lazy to get up from your bed and brushing your teeth in the bathroom. V-WHITE will make it simpler and easier. You can brush your teeth in your own bed to prevent all dental problems.


Before and After


Here is before and after results after you use V-WHITE in three months. You need to use it regularly every day to get the best and significant results. It will not only make your teeth whiter but also healthy without any teeth problems.


Cold Light Teeth Whitening


V-WHITE is designed with an awesome technology called Cold Light Teeth Whitening. This technology also can be called as Blue Light Bleaching. The techniques of this technology have been accepted and applied in China. It is safe and not harming your gum and teeth.




V-WHITE is made with the best material only. The mouth tray is made of food-grade silicone. This kind of silicone has an awesome durability to prevent any damage from extreme temperatures. V-WHITE is a non-toxic product which is recyclable.




V-WHITE has four main parts on its cool design. They are embedded inner frame, mouth tray, core unit, and charger. Each one of them has been designed well in a perfect form and size. V-WHITE is also tested in a long time to check its cleaning effect.


Product Goal


The main goal of V-WHITE is about creating fully automatic, fast, and also multifunctional toothbrush for people in helping them to make their teeth healthier without any painful dental diseases. This goal is a result of 3 weeks research on interviewing the toothbrush users.

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8 thoughts on “V-WHITE: 360 Automatic Toothbrush and Teeth Whitening with Newest Innovation”

  1. How do I return my V-white electric toothbrush? I’m unable to use it because of another medical reason. It is still in the unopened box.

  2. I’m sorry, but this toothbrush is not working as like in the beautiful advertisement.
    It’s not cleaning and it’s not whitening.
    A huge deception for me.

  3. Please send me an RMA for these devices. What an ad, I totally bought into it. If this thing were at a store and I would have Just turned it on, I would have realized what a total hoax this is. A blue light and a minute amount of vibration does not clean not whiten teeth.

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