Cambridge Audio Edge Series: The Pinnacle of 50 Year in Innovation

Cambridge Audio Edge Series 4

To praise its 50th commemoration, Cambridge Audio announced its Edge Audio Series. The Edge ranger is intended to be the best of its best or, as per James Johnson-Flint, proprietor of Cambridge Audio, “the pinnacle of 50 years of hi-fi expertise.”

Cambridge Audio Edge Series 1

The Company makes a framework that conveys beforehand unfamiliar layers of detail, is exceptionally straightforward, offering superlative sound-organizing. An item consistent with Cambridge Audio’s establishments of imaginative advancement and entrepreneurial aspiration.


Lavish Outside – Innovation Inside

Cambridge Audio Edge Series 2

It starts with a madly sumptuous outside. The Cambridge Audio group needed to make a spotless sash, so they put volume and information controls into a solitary handle, so fundamentally complex they approached a Formula One group to help plan and assemble it out of aviation review materials.

Cambridge Audio Edge Series 3

Edge includes some of Cambridge Audio’s most imaginative sound building to date including short signal path over the arrangement, with the Edge W that involved only 14 segments in the signal path.


Three Devices

Cambridge Audio Edge Series 7

There are three individuals item from the Edge family, a pre-amp and arranged media player called the Edge NQ, the Edge A coordinated speaker and the Edge W which control amp. Each part of the range has been built to keep the signal as short as could be expected under the circumstances.


Minimalist Design

Cambridge Audio Edge Series 4

Delightfully negligible in its outline, every part has a bent expelled aluminum front and drifting best plate. It’s an unprecedented outside that is concealing some uncommon sound building inside.

Cambridge Audio Edge Series 5

The Edge range which was named after Professor Gordon Edge, one of Cambridge’s founders and inventor of its first product has been three years in the making and was supposedly created with a ‘listen first, measure second’ ethos.

Cambridge Audio Edge Series 6

The whole Edge Family Series of audio components will be accessible this coming June. What’s more, for what it guarantees, $12,000 for the entire arrangement that will give just the best for its owner.

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