Casa Pinheiros by Felipe Hess Arquitetura: The House with Special Relationship with The Surroundings

Casa Pinheiros By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 6

Elegant and minimalist, the 500 m² area of Casa Pinheiros project by Felipe Hess Arquitetura promises to awaken the senses of visitors in an environment that is clean of visual interferences. The minimalist style is predominant in the office designs, which sign this house in the Pinheiros neighborhood, in São Paulo.

Casa Pinheiros By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 12

The concept takes a projection to the architect and his style, which combines precise lines and balance between materials. These characteristics are added to a very particular selection of furniture, in which vintage and contemporary dialogue naturally and help to compose the signature.

Casa Pinheiros By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 7

The building has three floors divided into blocks. In the main unit, there are the living and dining rooms, with double-height that opens to the library on the second floor, featuring an exuberant bookcase.

Casa Pinheiros By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 9

The service block is formed by a concrete box that stands out on the internal facade, forming a kitchen balcony, serving as a pantry. On the third floor is the most reserved bedroom and the closet unit, which gives access to the upper deck.

Casa Pinheiros By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 6

Each corner of the new home highlights the family’s personality and pleasures. The mixture of styles and times is impregnated in the professional DNA of Felipe, an architect with a classic and curious soul.

Casa Pinheiros By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 11

The interior of the house is completely integrated through architectural elements: windows, ceilings, stairs. The garden is also connected to the internal environments by large shrimp doors, allowing the full opening of the openings, integrating the kitchen, living room, and library into the wooded yard.

Casa Pinheiros By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 4

All of this is on a neutral white palette that runs through all the rooms, remodeled to ensure natural lighting and a view of the large garden in the back.



Gallery of Casa Pinheiros


Photography: Ruy Teixeira

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