Chokchai 4 House: Three Major Components for A Sense of Hiding

Chokchai 4 House 6

There are three major components used as design solutions for Chokchai 4 House. Completed in 2013 by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated, these components also can help the house to create a sense of hiding from outside.


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There is a gas station at the back, a car paint shop at the front, a wasteland on one side, and an old shop house on the other side. Being in the center of these, air pollution from car engines and fume removes peacefulness around the house.

With these conditions, the interior space of this house seeks excitement and pleasure. This also includes avoiding disturbance from outside.



Chokchai 4 House 6

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The first major component is a ramp.

The ramp leads one to every part of this house. Starts from an entrance to a parking space, a courtyard, and a little pond. There is a big tree in the courtyard that can be seen from the inside. This ramp continues to the interior space downstairs where there is a kitchen, dining room, and drawing room.

The ramp reaches a stair that leads the inhabitants to the second floor, passing a large bedroom and a small bedroom. It ends at the top of the house where there is a living room.


Chokchai 4 House 11

Chokchai 4 House 12

Chokchai 4 House 13

Chokchai 4 House 14

Chokchai 4 House 15

The second major component is the courtyard.

An airy courtyard is designed as compensation as the outer spaces of this house becomes a buffer zone that protects the house. This courtyard allows one to enjoy the stars at night.


Chokchai 4 House 16

Chokchai 4 House 17

Chokchai 4 House 18

Chokchai 4 House 19

The last major component is the metal mesh curtain.

This metal mesh curtain is similar to the fabric curtain that hides inside from the outside gently. This curtain can embrace the second floor of the house and maintain privacy.


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Photographer: Baanlaesuan Magazine

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