City Cruiser by Copenhagen Bike Company: Classic in Style

City Cruiser By Copenhagen Bike Company 3

Urban mobility and air pollution is becoming an increasingly larger problem in metropoles all over the world. More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and by 2050 the urban population is projected to grow with another 2.5 billion people globally.

City Cruiser By Copenhagen Bike Company 3

This developing urbanization could eventually expand contamination, harm people well-being and make it more troublesome for individuals to get around. Copenhagen Bike Company wanted to be a piece of the answer for this issue by making it less demanding for individuals to travel through the city in a brisk, simple and practical way.

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City Cruiser is outlined and assembled in view of the possibility that a bike ought to be similarly as agreeable and exquisite as a great games auto or a German limousine. Accordingly, the City Cruiser is worked with similar materials that you would expect from these vehicles – metal, wood, and leather.

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The bicycle is equipped with foot breaks and either 3 or 7 gears. Copenhagen Bike Company focuses on a meticulous design and good craftsmanship. Every detail on the bicycle has been considered and every bicycle is hand-built from scratch.

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The frame is shaped with CR-MO tubes that are impressively more grounded than typical steel while staying light in weight. All casings are shaped by hand, This implies when you buy a bike from Copenhagen Bike Company the company will fabricate it especially for the customer.

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The chain protector is special aesthetically due to its minimalistic design and clean lines. It curves along the chain discretely without disturbing the eye.

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All bikes are outfitted with a Brooks™ leather, which joins a comfy outline with great materials. Furthermore, all handlebars are additionally created in cowhide to give the cyclist a solid grasp. You can bring home the extraordinary yet modern bicycle for $ 1400.


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