Sensorwake 2: The Olfactory Alarm Clock for Every Morning Smile

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With the dynamic light, a stimulating scent, and the sweet melody, you can get a good mood when you wake up in the morning with Sensorwake 2. This olfactory alarm clock will be your best alarm clock in every morning. Sensorwake 2 is designed with unique technology and design. It will not only wake you up in a fresh feel but also give you a stylish alarm clock to be placed on your table.

Scents Range

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Sensorwake 2 comes with awesome scents range. You can choose the note of the scents that you want to feel when you wake up in the morning. The stimulating and pleasant scent will make your morning feels great. 12 capsules range of Sensorwake 2 is available for you to choose.


12 Capsules Range

Sensorwake 2 2

Sensorwake 2 comes with a random capsules range. There are 11 different types that you can choose, like Espresso, Chocolate, Edge of the Woods, Peppermint, Seaside, Cut Grass, Apple-Cinnamon, Orange-Juice, Biscuit, Tea Tree, and also Summer Melon.


Unique Features

Sensorwake 2 3

This awesome alarm clock is designed with unique features. Only with one alarm clock, it has 3 senses for you to deliver different morning experiences. You can customize your best mornings with the olfactory alarm clock. The 5 soft melodies and its gentle light will make your sleep feels perfect.

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Sensorwake 2 offers some best features, such as customized mornings, stimulating light, 5 soft melodies, 1 “Peppermint” capsule included, on or off the backlight, French fragrances, and also snooze function to give you gentler awakening time.

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