Bend by MayaPro Design: The Ultimate Unmanned Cross-Country Vehicle

Bend By Mayapro Design 5

The premise of an unmanned cross-country vehicle is the curve kinematic chain. it comprises of the fundamental ball coupling to which electric engines, gatherers, load compartments and two wheelsets are settled.

Bend By Mayapro Design 5

This is a pressed secondary raw material for metalworking, fluoroplastics, and carbon. One of the unique features of unmanned vehicle bend, working on the electric motor is the body frame with the ball-shaped magnetic interface which smoothly turning into a suspender.

Bend By Mayapro Design 3

This gives excellent cross-country terrain, incredible freedom, and mobility of movement at any tasks. The cage carries an electric motor and battery as well as fixing search of equipment.

Bend By Mayapro Design 2

Charging is done at the docking station. Portable conveyance of the battery is conceivable with the spring wheels that change their state, contingent upon the ground.

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The cage of the cross-country vehicle is lightweight, heavy-duty plastics, which when inflated in the air cushion wheels that allows the vehicle to ride along the thawed swampy terrain and overcome water obstacles.

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Wheels likewise speak to an inventive thought. A circular magnet turns the undercarriage to right and left side, here and there at any point and in various ways. Bend is the perfect concept for any terrain vehicle out there.

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