Cleo: The world’s friendliest indoor drone

Cleo Drone 3

Some people are very familiar with the current form of drones with an electronic component in the middle, while the drone’s arm and propeller obstruct the main body, whether it’s a quadcopter, hexacopter, to octocopter. However, a drone named Cleo has a design that has never been thought of before.

Cleo Drone 4

Cloe took the shape of a donut with size as big as the palm of an adult hand. Instead of having arms, two propellers are located in the middle section that controls their movements.  The whole body of the drone covered the propeller so it would not endanger anybody while flying. That way, the user can even catch Cleo while it is still flying.

Cleo Drone 1

Cleo has an HD camera for recording that might be accompanied by default stabilizer software. Of course, it’s impossible to use dreadlocks on this small drone. The drone that had first appeared at CES 2017 has the power to fly for 12-15 minutes of charging.

Cleo Drone 2

According to one of the designers, Orman Eleryad, the idea behind Cleo was to make drones practical and safe, plus easy to use every day. Cleo utilizes a suite of sensors coupled with computer vision allowing it to detect obstacles and operate in GPS denied environments.

Cleo Drone 3

Cleo’s extraordinary innovation takes into consideration completely encased propellers, making it a lot more secure and solid contrasted with traditional drones. Cleo’s size makes it convenient and equipped for getting into tight spaces, for example, conduits, entryways, windows, and different openings effortlessly.

Cleo Drone 1

Thus, Robotics confirmed that the initial target of the market for their revolutionary drone was to help indoor security. The drone maker believes that their drone will be suitable for the reconnaissance mission, security, and inspection. For mainstream consumers, it may be quite a while before the drone is released to the public.

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