Roland Aerophone GO: Explore the Inspirational World of Wind Instruments

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Roland introduces the Aerophone Go which is a unique form of music and is a digital wind instrument that is very easy to use and quite fun. Combining traditional saxophone fingering, variations of sound instruments, headphone monitoring to practice without disturbing others, and lots of other features.

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Aerophone GO is suitable for saxophonists and other wind instrument players regardless of how proficient they are in playing wind instruments. This digital wind instrument is also suitable for those who are on the first step of learning wind instruments.

This instrument can be the best solution for learning wind instruments so that getting better at playing wind instruments is coming closer to realization instead of mere dreams.

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Aerophone GO has Bluetooth features and also provides wider access through the Aerophone GO Plus and Aerophone GO Ensemble applications that are provided free of charge.

The combination of traditional touch and innovation from Roland digital technology makes Aerophone GO a modern, versatile, practical and inspiring wind instrument. This instrument is fairly light and can be operated using batteries for easier use.

Roland Aerophone Go 2

This instrument features 11 high-quality tones and includes variations in soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone, plus flutes, clarinet, violin, lead synth, and more. This instrument can also be connected to the Aerophone GO Plus application. If it’s already connected, more sounds will be available to play.

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Aerophone GO is the best choice for beginners, but it can also be used as a traditional sax and fingering recorder. This makes it easier for players. The mouthpiece-mounted part is very sensitive because there is a breath that functions as a bite sensor.

Aerophone GO also supports high-end techniques such as vibrato and pitch. Because it is digital, the sound it produces is very good and of course, the Aerophone GO allows players to change key locks instantly without having to change their fingers. This instrument also has speakers that can be used for personal monitoring and that is used so that the sound is produced greater than.

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Another advantage is that you can practice without sounding, because of the headphone feature. So only you can hear the sound of this Aerophone GO. This also allows you to practice anywhere and anytime without having to disturb others.

With all the advantages offered, the Go Aerophone is a very extraordinary instrument. But this will make it more extraordinary when connected with a mobile device via Bluetooth.

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The Aerophone Go Plus application allows users to play their favorite music. Another advantage is that the application has several functions to facilitate learning, such as slowing down the tempo and repeating songs so the learning process is getting easier.

This application also allows users to access 50 added sounds and allows users to adjust performance, such as controlling breathing, controlling sensor sensitivity bites, and more.

Another cool application is the Aerophone Go Ensemble, where the application allows seven Aerophone Go players to play together to practice, perform, and practice in class. When connected, each member group can access 19 different sounds on their smartphone and they can choose one of the 19 sounds to play.

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This combined performance will be even more impressive when connecting a smartphone to a small monitor speaker, such as Roland’s battery-powered CUBE Street EX. To learn more about the Aerophone Go, you can directly visit their homepage here.

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