Nyko Dualies for Nintendo Switch™: Improved Ergonomics and Comfort

Nyko Dualies For Nintendo Switch 7

Undoubtedly, the Nintendo Switch is an interesting console to play with more and more people has moved on to the Nintendo Switch from another mobile console. But the issue with Joy Con which is too small and sometimes let the user miss some buttons while playing the game is still one huge trouble.

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Thus, Nyko was present with Dualies to deal with this problem. Dualies is a controlling device for Nintendo Switch that also has motion sensors and will act as a controller. Interestingly, it has a bigger and ergonomic design. It also has a luminous effect and has a good grip.

In short, Dualies is a third party controller for the Nintendo Switch. Dualies are also equipped with motion controls so it is suitable for playing various types of games, ranging from racing, action, fighting and much more.

Nyko Dualies For Nintendo Switch 1

Nyko Dualies has a curved design on each side to make it more comfortable to behold and use. This controller is also using a USB-C cable for charging. Dualies is also equipped with a vibration feature that will be activated automatically when playing games.

But there is also one thing that is frustrating for the buyer of Nyko is that it needs to be charged separately via USB-C connection and in the purchase package the company only provide one cable.

In one purchase package, the buyer will get two Dualies. This controller is indeed suitable to be played to play multiplayer games. This controller is priced at prices starting at $ 49 for each pair. Apart from Dualies and cables, Nyko also includes a joystick accessory for additional grip.



Nyko Dualies for Nintendo Switch™

Nyko Dualies For Nintendo Switch 7

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Nyko Dualies For Nintendo Switch 5

Nyko Dualies For Nintendo Switch 4 Nyko Dualies For Nintendo Switch 3

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