Triumph Bonneville Speed Twin: A New Performance Icon

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After lots and lots of teasers, the Triumph Bonneville Speed Twin finally surfaced. The classic-style motorbike, appeared in an exclusive event in Paris last year. The appearance is getting a lil more sporty, though not quite significant.

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Double exhaust perched on both sides of the latest Speed Twin, wrapped in black color with a neck and tip with shiny steel visuals. The instrument panel is a combination of analog and digital, which tells the driver all information related to the motorbike.

It is precisely the innards that are getting improvement, one of which is the mechanical heart. Speed Twin carries a parallel twin engine with a 1,200cc 8 valve combustion chamber, as used on Bobber, Black and Thruxton Bobber.

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Even so, the 2019 model gets configuration changes through the attachment of a low-inertia crankshaft and a highly compressed head. The goal is that so the motor that has a 97.6 x 80 mm step diameter specification can produce peak power of 96 hp at 6,750 rpm and 112.5 Nm at 4,950 rpm.

It is said that the energy graph is getting a lot better. The exhaust emissions produced by the engine are also compatible with Euro4 regulations which everybody knows that it is strict.

All power is transferred to the wheels through a 6-speed transmission system with clutch torque-assists. Drivers are given the convenience of driving on various road conditions with 3 modes to choose from Sport, Road, and Rain. The excitement and safety of Speed Twin are supported by traction control that can be turned off.

Triumph Bonneville Speed Twin 1

The 2019 Triumph Bonneville Speed Twin is also 10 kg lighter than its predecessor. Most of the weight reduction comes from the engine, such as the use of magnesium cam covers, trimming of other engine covers and revised clutches. Of course, this alteration will affect the control of the motor to becomes more agile.

The legs use KYB 41 mm for the front wheels. This suspension cannot be adjusted but has an internal cartridge damper. While behind it, Triumph Motorcycle uses a KYB double suspension with a spring-preload arrangement combined with a new aluminum swingarm. Its purpose is to maintain classic visuals while providing comfort and steady balance.

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The braking sector is reinforced by dual 305 mm Brembo discs in front and 220 mm Nissin single discs at the rear. Not to forget the anti-lock braking system (ABS) feature has become a standard. Triumph Speed Twin is equipped with 17-inch aluminum rims wrapped in Pirelli Rosso Corsa 3 tires.

After keeping it close to the heart, Triumph Motorcycle finally release the price tag of the latest Bonneville Speed Twin which start at £10,500. The announcement is also including the publication of the launching market in 2019.


Triumph Bonneville Speed Twin

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