Cleveland Cyclewerks The Falcon: Smart, Connected, Powerful

Cleveland Cyclewerks The Falcon 1

Retro motor manufacturer, Cleveland Cyclewerks has recently released its newest neo-retro electric motorcycle. Dubbed as the Falcon, the e-motorbike comes in two variants namely Falcon 01 and BK. For now, the electric motorcycle is only available in the United States.

Cleveland Cyclewerks The Falcon 4

On the center of the electric motorcycle is the CARD dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, upside-down suspension, and adjustable rear coil-over hydraulic shock absorber. Underneath the bike, there are 17-inch forged aluminum wheels, but especially for the Falcon BLK, the company added the aero wheel discs.

Falcon 01 has an e-bike mode, which means the highest speed limit is only 32 km / h and 750W (1hp). Then there is the e-moped mode, with a maximum speed of 43 km/hour. And unlimited modes that take full advantage of the 6kW motor where the top speed reaches 105 km/hour.

Cleveland Cyclewerks The Falcon 3

The Falcon BLK variants also got the same modes but for unlimited mode, the top speed goes even higher. The electric motorcycle offers up to 12kW (16 hp) capable of reaching top speeds reaching 137 km/hour.

The lowest variant comes with a single swappable 14s 52V battery with a capacity of 2.3 kWh. The battery can be upgraded to a double package with a total of 4.6 kWh. On the e-Bike mode, it can cover distances of up to 80 km.

Cleveland Cyclewerks The Falcon 6

While Falcon BLK comes with two swappable packages and offers a range of up to 160 km. That number also calculated in e-bike mode as the battery pack is supported by a battery pack from Samsung that packed 18650 cells.

Cleveland Cyclewerks The Falcon 2

As for the charger, the company has pinned the quick charger feature. The Cleveland Cyclewerks claim that batteries on the Falcon can be charged up to 80 percent in only 45 minutes or 100 percent for 90 minutes. While the BLK variant is equipped with “FALCONtroller” or commonly known as regenerative braking during e-bike mode.

The other main feature of this electric motorcycle is the connectivity. The Falcon can be connected to cellular via Bluetooth. Just like other manufacturers, they also offer a companion application. The rider can see the condition of their motorcycle via smartphones or use the instrument screen that is available on the handlebars.

Cleveland Cyclewerks The Falcon 1

The sophistication is thickened with the adoption of Angry Pixy technology which is a turbo boost mode. It can access maximum power for 20 seconds. The acceleration makes the driving experience more enjoyable. The boost mode can be activated by pressing the red button on the right handlebar.

Another innovative feature that is quite interesting is the Lumilor electroluminescent paint. The outside of the battery cover can light up when in a dark place.

Cleveland Cyclewerks The Falcon 5

Available in two different models: Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK. The lowest variant comes with a price tag of $ 7,995 while the higher variant is marketed at $ 14,995.

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