Denon Flagship AVR-X8500H: Geared up For The Best Experience

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Denon’s flagship AVC-X8500H is a mammoth AV speaker. Weighing 23kg, with an enormous scale and amazing sound and 13 discrete power amp channels, it is certain to awe AV fans planning to pull out all the stops on their needs.

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Denon claims that the Denon Flagship AVR-X8500H is the complete 13.2 channel enhancer that enables you to set up a 7.2.6 or 9.2.4 Dolby Atmos framework without requiring a second power speaker for the additional channels.

The AVC-X8500H resembles a normal rectangular AV receiver, but the construct quality is strong as a stone. There’s something consoling about a strong, powerful bit of pack, despite the fact that you may require help lifting the massive enhancer out of its crate.

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In front, the AVR-X8500H has Denon’s comfortable front-board format with two huge handles, one for volume and the other for source input, flanking a huge presentation that shows the status of different capacities.

A drop-down door directly under it conceals a multi-function cursor for menu navigation and zone and source selection buttons, along with an HDMI input, USB port, and a headphone output jack. As with most receivers, the remote control is required to gain access to less-used functions.

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Putting the X8500H’s sonic powerful feature to the side, having 13 discrete directs in one box is clearly the principal feature. It enables the owner to introduce six or four Dolby Atmos speakers on to a 7.1 or 9.1 speaker set-up, separately, for an unfathomably vivid rise of sound.

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The back of the receiver is completely taken up by sources and link; you won’t locate an extra inch in the midst of the 13 shading coded speaker terminals with simple and computerized associations.

The Denon eight HDMI inputs are all HDCP2.2 ensured, which means it will deal with local 4K/60p substance and the most well known HDR variations (HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG).

On the off chance that that isn’t forefront enough for you, Denon guarantees a piece of future equipment moves up to suit HDMI 2.1 – the cutting edge spec which will permit pass-through of 8K content.

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The Denon’s remote connection incorporate Wi-Fi, AirPlay, and Bluetooth, and there’s a couple of provided back mounted receiving wires to guarantee great range. Normally, Denon’s very own HEOS remote multiroom spilling convention and control application is additionally bolstered, which gives you access to music gushing administrations like Spotify and Tidal in addition to any DNLA music server running on your home system.

The product can likewise be controlled with the Denon AVR application, and you can even include voice control by means of Amazon’s Alexa. With great features comes great prices and Denon put up the tag of $3999 for their flagship product.


Denon Flagship AVR-X8500H

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Denon Flagship Avr X8500h 4

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