Eastwood Residence: A Comfortable House that Surpasses Energy Standards

Eastwood Residence 9

Completed in 2016 by Searl Lamaster Howe Architects, Eastwood Residence is contemporary in expression with contextual responsiveness as its character. This house also surpasses energy standards due to some awesome features.


Eastwood Residence 1

Eastwood Residence 2

Eastwood Residence 3

The design of this house is related to its Lincoln Square location. The house’s scale aligns with the surrounding century-old houses while the generous front porch serves as a spot to socialize with neighbors. The wood cladding of other frame houses in the area is the main inspiration for the exterior’s board and batten siding.



Eastwood Residence 4

Eastwood Residence 5

Eastwood Residence 6

The challenge of this project is the pair of large houses that hug the property. These kinds of structures prompt the pulling of sunlight into the house interior in good ways without interrupting privacy. Cutting into the house’s core, an exterior atrium can bring light easily.


Eastwood Residence 7

Eastwood Residence 8

Eastwood Residence 9

A series of skylights can flood the house space with light while clerestory windows on the west side of the kitchen can frame an awesome view of a large birch tree. The south-facing windows with slight tinting can minimize solar heat gain and the same tint on the street-facing windows can enhance privacy.



Eastwood Residence 10

Eastwood Residence 11

Eastwood Residence 12

Eastwood Residence 13

There are some awesome features that make this house surpasses energy standards. There is a carefully calibrated mix of seven types of insulation used to optimize thermal performance while motorized dampers increase comfort and reduce energy costs.

It is a comfortable living place that can embrace the best aspects of urban living with its neighborhood.


Eastwood Residence Gallery

Photography: Tony Soluri | Cynthia Lynn

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