Mutrics GB-30: Ultra Slim Smart Audio Glasses For Gamers

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In addition to enjoying their hobbies, more and more gamers love to express their interests through clothing, collectibles, and accessories. Manufacturers react to the interest by providing a variety of products, such as t-shirts, action figures, to officially licensed gaming gear.


But no other companies rarely did the experiment in the realm of merchandising as what did a team called Mutrics did. The specialist IoT and AI device companies are currently focusing on developing the GB-30, a wearable device that is described as an ‘ultra-slim smart audio glasses design for gamers‘.

The Mutrics GB-30 is not the first product of the company. They have already started working on audio glasses since 2017 and took the CES event as their debut venue. It’s reassuring to know that the Mutrics GB-30 is not a trial and error project.

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By analyzing its name, it is guessable that the source of the design inspiration of the GB-30 is indeed the Nintendo Game Boy. There are many design elements on the Mutrics GB-30 that represent the classic portable console.

A series of buttons that resemble directional pads and action buttons on the handle, plus appearance and retro-themed color combinations. Despite being oriented towards classic design, the GB-30 is not coming in a bulky body and is still comfortable to wear.

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The design of the Mutrics GB-30 is guided by ergonomic principles. Its weight is only 33-grams with a 6-millimeter frame thickness. When worn for a long time, these smart audio glasses will not press the nose and hurt the back of the ear.

Uniquely, the GB-30 has two lens parts. One is equipped with an ultraviolet filter and another can be replaced. The sun-protective lenses is available in various colors and anti-blue lens. Alternatively, the customer can pair it with a prescription lens.

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The main feature of the Mutrics GB-30 is its ability to provide real and stable sound. These glasses utilizes the near-field surround system (NFSS) technology, which is served via speakers positioned inside the handle.

It is able to transfer stereo sound without covering the ear hole with earbuds, which means that the GB-30 will not hurt the ears and isn’t gonna isolate the customer. The speaker’s output is directed to the ear so that game audio doesn’t interfere with the people around.

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Mutrics also claims that the capabilities of the GB-30 audio ‘virtual 5.1’ make it easier for gamers to identify the source of the sound and help them dominate the game.

The GB-30 can be connected to any gaming device wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0, which promises a low latency connection and supports up to 20-meter usage distances. The device can also be used to access Siri or Google Assistant.

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The Mutrics GB-30 is currently an ongoing project on Kickstarter where during this crowdfunding process, the products are marketed for starting from $ 99. After that, the product will still be available through the official website but with a price tag of $ 199.

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